8 Blog Topic Ideas for Photographers

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Suppose you’re a creative professional looking to add personality to your portfolio. In that case, you should consider a blog as an effective way to reach more of your desired audience and build outreach for your site.

A blog is the perfect medium to showcase anything that would reflect your service positively in the eyes of your audience.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any specific design, art, or photography blog ideas.

Your blog can be a space to share anything from works-in-progress to travel photos or news about upcoming exhibitions. Even monthly updates can be enough to keep your online portfolio feeling fresh and interesting.

If you’re struggling to come up with photography blog post ideas, here are some starting points for topics you could cover.

1. Announce Yourself

Think of yourself as chief PR for your photography. If it helps, imagine yourself as a larger business doing a PR campaign, what stories would you be keen to share with a public audience?

Use your blog as a depository of your press releases.

Some examples of relevant photography blog posts:

  • Celebrating 25 years in photography
  • Looking back at my first 100 weddings
  • 2025 season – fully booked!
  • Bookings now open for 2026 season

2. Link Your Press Mentions

Include a ‘Press’ category in your blog to showcase interviews, features, mentions and press. You demonstrate valuable credibility and experience in your field by curating and sharing this coverage.

Some examples of relevant photography blog posts:

  • (Photographer) named as a top regional photographer by (publication)
  • (Photographer name)’s photograph shortlisted for a prestigious award
  • Interviewed by (publication) about my work in photography

3. Evaluate A Product

Have you changed your photography gear, or editing suite? There will be thousands of potential readers out there who will be interested in how you found the process. Consider an article reviewing products related to your blog, it could be photography equipment, editing software, or anything else related to your field.

  • Features: What does the product offer? Does it meet your needs?
  • Quality: Is the product well-made and durable?
  • Price: Is the product priced fairly for its features and quality?

4. Test A New Style Or Approach

Feeling stuck in your routine? It might be time to try something new. Changes in artistic approach can be a fun way to experiment and can make for great photography blog articles.

Trying new things can help you break out of your comfort zone, gain new experiences, and discover new sides to your photography. Articles in this realm also make engaging reads.

Some examples of relevant photography blog posts:

  • How my approach to photography evolved through the years
  • My journey in photography – from starting out to the modern day
  • Experimenting with blurred action style photography

5. Share Photography Tips

Talk about a time you learned something important on the job. Think back to when you were learning the ropes with photography – you probably had questions and looked to the internet for answers to these.

Now it’s time to pay that back and share (some!) of the tips and tricks you’ve learned along the way.

6. Describe Your Creative Process

Help others understand your work, why do you work the way you do? When does your creative process start? When does it end? Consider a post detailing your creative journey, your style or your evolution as a photographer.

7. Write Around Destinations

If you’re fortunate enough to have traveled somewhere for work, document it!

Where did you go? What did you see? What challenges did the destination throw up? Write all of this down into a blog post.

Not only will it produce good content, but it will also show you’re an accomplished professional in your field.

8. Link To Inspiring Content

Share links to the work of other photographers you find inspiring. Or maybe those with whom you have collaborated in the past. Who knows, they might even return the favor!

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