Facebook Groups for Photographers

If you’re a photographer looking to connect with other like-minded creatives, Facebook groups may be the perfect solution. These groups offer a wealth of knowledge and insights from industry professionals around the world, making them a valuable resource for photographers at any level of their career. Whether you’re seeking information on marketing, pricing, legal matters, SEO, lighting, or even website design, there’s a Facebook group out there for you.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of over 20 of the best photography-related Facebook groups to join in 2021. From expert-run communities to groups designed to help wedding photographers, there’s something for everyone. So if you’re ready to take your photography career to the next level, read on and discover the best Facebook groups to join today.


The Design Space Lounge is a Facebook group created in 2014, with 8.3K members. It is run by Melissa Love, a talented designer and business coach. The group is geared towards web design and business, and it offers a platform for members to improve their website, understand their brand, and connect with like-minded creatives.

SEO for Photographers Group

The SEO for Photographers Group was created in 2017 by photographers and SEO experts Dylan M. Howell and Corey Potter. With 4K members, it is a great community to join if you want to learn about SEO and digital marketing for photographers. The group encourages respectful discussion on all topics related to SEO and digital marketing.

Learn to Light – An OCF Lighting Community

This Facebook group was created in 2016 and currently has over 100.3K members. It’s a technical group that focuses on teaching everything there is to know about off camera flash (OCF). The group is perfect for those who want to transition from natural light to OCF and need guidance.


LOOKSLIKEFILM is an online community that was created in 2014 and has since grown to over 55.6K members. It is a place where photographers can come together to share their work and get inspiration from others. The community is a great resource for those who enjoy admiring the work of other photographers and want to share their own work with the world.


LOOKSLIKEFILM LEARN is a Facebook group that was created in 2016 and currently has 38.1K members. Unlike the original LOOKSLIKEFILM group, which is focused on inspiring photographers with their peers’ work, LOOKSLIKEFILM LEARN is dedicated to sharing valuable resources, knowledge, and photographic tips. This group is highly recommended for photographers looking to improve their craft.

Beloved Stories

Beloved Stories is a Facebook group that was created in 2016 and currently has 16.6K members. The group is a platform for photographers to connect, share ideas, and learn from each other. Members can get inspired, find useful tips, ask questions, and share how they use the Beloved Stories Presets.

Master Wedding & Portrait Photography: Learn with SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge’s Wedding Photography Training System provides a community of 9.7K members with the tools to learn, master, and certify in wedding and engagement photography. Created in 2014, the program is guided by the talented team at SLR Lounge.

Honeybook Community

The Honeybook Community is a collaborative online group consisting of 5.9K members, created in 2015. This group is intended for Honeybook users to share their questions and insights on how to grow their business, offer better experiences to clients, optimize their workflows and business processes, and learn how to use Honeybook effectively. The community provides a platform for creatives from all around the world to connect and learn from one another.

UNSCRIPTED for Photographers

Unscripted is a mobile application created in 2019 that provides photographers with a large database of posing prompts, camera settings recommendations, a sun tracker, and many other features. The Unscripted for Photographers Public Group on Facebook is exclusively for its app users. With 29.5K members, this group offers a platform for photographers to connect with other creatives, showcase their work, and ask questions. It is a safe place for new photographers to start out and get support from the Unscripted team.

The Rising Tide Society

The Rising Tide Society was created in 2015 and is a group of over 77,000 creatives and small business owners. The group’s mission is to promote community over competition and provide resources to help members grow their brands. As a part of the HoneyBook family, the group offers a wealth of tips and information for its members.

TheLawTog – the legal resource for photographers

TheLawTog is a US-based educational website and community group for photographers. It was created in 2012 and has over 58.7K members. The platform provides information on business, marketing, contracts, laws, and more. It is not a lawyer on-demand group but a legal resource for photographers.

Weddings & Wanderlust – Adventure Photographers

This community was established in 2017 and currently has 11.5K members. It is a global platform that caters to photographers who specialize in elopements and destination weddings. Members can share their work, connect with other photographers, and learn from workshops that cover business and marketing strategies.

Creative Photography Education

Brandi Potter created Creative Photography Education in 2018, which currently has around 1.2K members. The group provides valuable resources and insights to help photographers enhance their creative photography brand.

Ladies Behind the Lens

This female-led Facebook group was created in 2017 and currently has 13.8K members. It is exclusively for female photographers who want to connect, support each other, and learn from other talented women within the photography industry. Members can share their work and participate in discussions, making it a great platform for networking and collaboration.


Photobug is a Facebook group that was created in 2016 by Junebug Weddings. It has over 9,000 members and is focused on all types of wedding, engagement, couple photography, and videography. The group shares valuable resources and tips to help members strengthen their business.

How I Shot This

The “How I Shot This” Facebook group was created in 2018 by Melli & Shane, a talented wedding photography duo. With 68 members, this group offers a cozy and inspiring space for photographers to share their work, receive constructive feedback, and ask for advice on how to achieve specific shots. Novice and seasoned photographers alike can benefit from the invaluable information shared within the community, which covers topics such as composition, lighting, and posing. Joining this group can provide photographers with a fresh perspective and new ideas to enhance their craft.

Mentor Me

Mentor Me is a Facebook community for photographers created by Jennifer Moher in 2014. It has 6.3K members and serves as a safe space for photographers to ask questions, network, and learn from each other. The group is especially helpful for wedding photographers and those interested in minimalistic, fine art imagery.

Emotional Storytelling by Twyla Jones

Twyla Jones created Emotional Storytelling, a photography education platform in 2016 with 16.3K members. The platform encourages photographers to tell compelling, authentic stories through their images and embrace their unique perspectives. They believe that photography is a powerful tool for self-expression and a means to challenge the status quo. The group provides a haven and photography resource for emotive photographers, teaching a unique style of emotive posing and eye-catching edits that have been transforming photographers’ work for nearly a decade.

Ben Hartley’s Mastermind

Ben Hartley’s Mastermind | Coaching For Wedding & Portrait Photographers is a Facebook group created in 2015 with 7.8K members. The group is dedicated to helping photographers build successful businesses by providing useful information on pricing, business strategies, and marketing. Joining this group is an excellent opportunity for photographers looking to take their business to the next level.

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